Supplier Excellence Award from Nautique Boats

Hydrasearch Recreational (Buck Algonquin) was recently presented with an award for Supplier Excellence from Nautique Boats. We are honored to be presented with this award and look forward to continuing our work with Nautique Boats in the future.

New Recreational Catalog 218

We recently published a new Recreation Catalog! This catalog is available in PDF form under the literature tab. However if you would like a physical catalog mailed to you, please let one of our recreational associates know on your next purchase order or call 410-643-7145.Recreational Catalog

New Product Line: Pro-Mar Maritime Venting Solutions


promar_logoBuck Algonquin is happy to officially introduce Pro-Mar, Inc. as the newest range of products acquired by Hydrasearch Company, effective November 2016.

Pro-Mar’s high-quality line specializes in venting and drainage systems for Workboats, Barges and Oil Rigs associated with the maritime industry. Available products include Tank Vent Check Valves,  Inverted Tank Check Valves, Deck Drains, Sounding Tube Deck Fittings, and Suction Strainer Boxes.  Keep an eye on our website for more product information available soon, or check out today.

We look forward to our future with Pro-Mar and are confident that this acquisition will bring exceptional quality and unique knowledge to our business. We know that you will be as pleased as we are with this strong addition.




New Product Line: Arctic Steel Water Strainers

As the exclusive North American distributor of Arctic Steel products since 2013, Buck Algonquin is proud to announce the acquisition of Arctic Steel Pty. by Hydrasearch Company, Inc. (a Dixon Valve subsidiary), effective August 26, 2016.

ActicSteelLogo Hi Res

Arctic Steel, an Australian company, began designing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality stainless steel sea water strainers and associated products for the marine industry in 2006.  They have since forged a strong reputation for supplying reliable, high quality, and innovative products to customers globally.

Pricing and terms will remain the same.  The Arctic Steel product line will continue to be marketed from within the Buck Algonquin business segment.  Please visit our websites for complete details about the product line, or

We are confident that this acquisition will enrich our mission of exceeding your expectations in service, quality, and innovation.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  As always, we greatly appreciate your business and are eager to continue to grow our product and service offerings.

Welcome aboard, Arctic Steel!

New Product – AQ-22 Stainless Steel Rudders

Untitled-2Buck Algonquin is proud to introduce our new line of AQ-22 stainless steel rudders.

These rudders are designed for boat speeds up to 40 Knots, and the wedge section is made of high strength and superior corrosion resistant AQ-22 stainless steel.  There are seven standardized rudder sizes to select from, so that a combination of speed and displacement may be accommodated for most all modern boat and yacht designs.  This standardization of rudder design results in the economy of large production runs, while at the same time, providing custom design benefits.

What are the Special Features of the AQ-22 Rudder Design?

Welder copyThe AQ-22 Rudders have incorporated a number of features of hydrodynamic shapes that make it a superior performer throughout the design speed range.  The wedge sections were selected to give positive steering forces for a full range of port and starboard rudder angles when operating behind a propeller or in free-stream.  This rudder continues to generate increasing side forces with rudder angles as high as 25 degrees at 40 knots; a condition where typical airfoil section rudders have stalled.

The AQ-22 rudder is also designed to trail and track in the slip stream should the steering gear fail at high speeds, unlike an airfoil section rudder with normal stock location, which could cause a snap turn during high speed runs should steering failure occur.

In profile, the top trailing edge of the rudder is cut away to minimize ventilation of the rudder during high speed turns.  Rudder ventilation may cause a vessel to almost stop turning, even with increasing rudder angles at high speed.  When the trailing edge of the AQ-22 rudder is installed slightly ahead of the transom, ventilation is not likely to occur as might be experienced with rudders having other profiles and section shapes.

The AQ-22 rudders incorporate hydrodynamic features cast in stainless steel to provide the strength and positive steering control not likely to be found in other designs.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales team for more information!



Open House Event – April 15, 2016

Open House Event – April 15th

Hydrasearch - New Building Front

Hydrasearch has recently moved into our new state-of-the-art facility.  On April 15th, we were able to celebrate this move and share all of our efforts with our most valued customers and vendors.  We would like to extend a special thanks to every one who could attend and making it a day we will always remember.

Please click on the link below to view a quick video of the event.

Grand Opening YouTube


Made in Maryland – Visit from Senator Cardin


2016 Nautique Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament

2016 Nautique Masters
2016 Nautique Masters

Buck Algonquin is proud to support the 2016 Nautique Maters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament.  For more information please visit their website at: