New Product – AQ-22 Stainless Steel Rudders

Untitled-2Buck Algonquin is proud to introduce our new line of AQ-22 stainless steel rudders.

These rudders are designed for boat speeds up to 40 Knots, and the wedge section is made of high strength and superior corrosion resistant AQ-22 stainless steel.  There are seven standardized rudder sizes to select from, so that a combination of speed and displacement may be accommodated for most all modern boat and yacht designs.  This standardization of rudder design results in the economy of large production runs, while at the same time, providing custom design benefits.

What are the Special Features of the AQ-22 Rudder Design?

Welder copyThe AQ-22 Rudders have incorporated a number of features of hydrodynamic shapes that make it a superior performer throughout the design speed range.  The wedge sections were selected to give positive steering forces for a full range of port and starboard rudder angles when operating behind a propeller or in free-stream.  This rudder continues to generate increasing side forces with rudder angles as high as 25 degrees at 40 knots; a condition where typical airfoil section rudders have stalled.

The AQ-22 rudder is also designed to trail and track in the slip stream should the steering gear fail at high speeds, unlike an airfoil section rudder with normal stock location, which could cause a snap turn during high speed runs should steering failure occur.

In profile, the top trailing edge of the rudder is cut away to minimize ventilation of the rudder during high speed turns.  Rudder ventilation may cause a vessel to almost stop turning, even with increasing rudder angles at high speed.  When the trailing edge of the AQ-22 rudder is installed slightly ahead of the transom, ventilation is not likely to occur as might be experienced with rudders having other profiles and section shapes.

The AQ-22 rudders incorporate hydrodynamic features cast in stainless steel to provide the strength and positive steering control not likely to be found in other designs.

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